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Sunflower Care: Enhance the Beauty of Your Bouquets

Sunflowers, with their bright faces and cheerful presence, embody the essence of summer. Their bold blooms add instant warmth and joy to any space. Here's a guide from KS Flowers on maximizing the lifespan of your sunflower bouquets, ensuring they radiate sunshine in your home for as long as possible.

Choosing the Freshest Sunflowers

Your sunflower care journey begins with selecting a vibrant bouquet. Look for:
  • Partially Open Blooms: Choose sunflowers with a ring of petals starting to open around a large centre disk. This ensures a long vase life.
  • Vibrant Colour: Opt for sunflowers with rich yellow petals and a healthy-looking green centre disk. Avoid any with brown spots or wilting.
  • Sturdy Stems: Look for thick, sturdy stems that will support the large flower heads. Check for any signs of damage or bruising.
Pro Tip: Always choose your sunflowers from a reputable florist like KS Flowers, where the flowers receive expert handling and optimal freshness is guaranteed. 

Sunflower Care at Home

  • Clean Vase: Thoroughly wash your vase with warm, soapy water to eliminate bacteria that can shorten flower lifespan.
  • Deep Water: Sunflowers are thirsty! Choose a tall, sturdy vase and fill it nearly to the top with cool, clean water.
  • Diagonal Cut: Trim the stems at a sharp angle, removing about two inches off the bottom. This maximizes water absorption.
  • Remove Lower Leaves: Strip any leaves that would be submerged in the vase water. This helps prevent decay.
  • Flower Food: Add flower food to the water to provide essential nutrients and help your sunflowers last longer.
  • Sunny Spot (with a Caveat): Place your sunflowers in a bright location but avoid direct, hot sunlight, which can shorten their vase life.

Additional Tips for Long-Lasting Sunflowers

  • Change the Water Frequently: Sunflowers release sap into the water. Change it every day or two to prevent bacteria build-up.
  • Recur the Stems: Periodically re-trim the stems at an angle to maintain optimal water uptake.
  • Pollen-Free Options: If you prefer a mess-free sunflower experience, ask your florist about pollen-free varieties.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Sunflowers!

With proper care, your sunflower bouquet can bring sunshine into your home for several days or even longer. Their cheerful presence is sure to brighten your space!

Delivery Options for Your Perfect Bouquet

Whether you're in the Northampton area or across the UK, KS Flowers has you covered. We offer local Northampton delivery to ensure your peonies arrive at their freshest. Need your bouquet shipped nationwide? We provide reliable and careful delivery options across the country.

The KS Flowers Difference

At KS Flowers, we're passionate about bringing the beauty of peonies into your life. Our experienced florists hand-select the freshest blooms and expertly craft them into stunning bouquets, perfect for expressing both classic romance and modern sentiments. We pride ourselves on personalised service, attention to detail, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

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History of Sunflowers

  • North American Roots: Sunflowers were first cultivated in North America over 3000 years ago. They were a vital source of food (seeds, oil) and used for medicine and dyes.
  • European Misunderstanding: When sunflowers reached Europe in the 1500s, they were initially dubbed "flos solis", believing they always faced the sun. We now know only young sunflowers do!
  • Symbolism: Sunflowers hold symbolism across cultures, often representing radiant happiness, adoration, and longevity.
  • Van Gogh's Muse: Sunflowers became an iconic subject for Vincent Van Gogh, whose paintings solidified their artistic connection.
  • Modern Sunflowers: Today, sunflowers are grown worldwide, not just for their beauty but for their seeds and oil, which have culinary and industrial uses.

Did You Know? Fun Facts About Sunflowers

  • Heliotropism: Young sunflowers really do track the sun across the sky throughout the day! This behaviour is called heliotropism.
  • Height Champions: The world's tallest recorded sunflower exceeded 9.14 m in height!
  • Variety Extravaganza: Sunflowers come in a stunning range of colours (yellow, orange, red), sizes, and even bicolour varieties.
  • Edible Flowers: Sunflower seeds are a delicious snack, and even the young petals are edible, though their flavour is mild.

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