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Peony Care: Enhance the Beauty of Your Bouquets

Peonies, with their lush blooms, captivating fragrance, and air of romance, add a touch of magic wherever they appear. Here's a guide from KS Flowers on maximising the lifespan of your peony bouquets, ensuring they grace your home with beauty for as long as possible.

Choosing the Freshest Peonies

Your peony care journey begins the moment you select your bouquet. Look for:
  1. Bud Stage: Choose peonies with buds that are just starting to show colour and feel slightly soft, like a marshmallow.
  2. Vibrant Colour: Opt for peonies with bright, unblemished petals. Avoid any showing signs of browning or fading.
  3. Healthy Stems: Look for sturdy, green stems free of any signs of damage or bruising.
Pro Tip: Always choose your peonies from a reputable florist like KS Flowers, where the flowers receive expert handling and optimal freshness is guaranteed.

Peony Care at Home

  1. Clean Vase: Thoroughly wash your vase with warm, soapy water to eliminate bacteria that can shorten flower lifespan.
  2. Fresh Cut: Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle, removing about an inch off the bottom. This maximises water absorption.
  3. Hydration is Key: Fill your vase with cool, clean water. Peonies are thirsty flowers, so top up the water frequently.
  4. Flower Food: Add flower food to the water to provide essential nutrients and help your peonies last longer.
  5. Cool Location: Keep your peony bouquet away from direct sunlight, drafts, and heat sources. They prefer a cool, slightly shaded spot.

Additional Tips for Long-Lasting Peonies

  1. Change the Water Regularly: Replace the vase water every couple of days to prevent bacteria build-up.
  2. Recur the Stems: Every time replacing water, re-trim the stems at an angle to maintain optimal water uptake. 

Enjoy Your Beautiful Peonies!

With proper care, your peony bouquet can bring joy and elegance to your home for several days. Their fleeting beauty is part of their charm!

Delivery Options for Your Perfect Bouquet

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion in Northampton or sending a gesture of love across the UK, KS Flowers has you covered. We offer local Northampton delivery for the ultimate in rose freshness. Need your bouquet shipped nationwide? We provide reliable and careful delivery options across the country.

The KS Flowers Difference

At KS Flowers, we're passionate about bringing the beauty and symbolism of roses into your life. Our experienced florists hand-select the freshest blooms and expertly craft them into stunning bouquets, perfect for expressing both classic romance and modern sentiments. We pride ourselves on personalized service, attention to detail, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

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The History of Peonies

  • Ancient Reverence: Peonies hold a cherished place in Chinese history, cultivated for over 2000 years. They were prized for their medicinal properties and as symbols of wealth, honour, and good fortune. Peonies adorn everything from porcelain vases to silk paintings, showcasing their cultural significance.
  • Journey to the West: European explorers and botanists brought the captivating beauty of peonies back from China in the 1700s. They quickly became sought-after garden flowers and found their way into the hearts of artists and poets.
  • Peonies in Art: Peonies have graced artwork for centuries, their lush blooms and delicate colours immortalised in styles ranging from classic still lives to flowing Chinese brush paintings. Their presence in art reflects their enduring appeal across cultures.
  • Symbolism of Colour: While peonies generally symbolise prosperity and romance, their specific colours carry additional meanings. Pink peonies often represent bashfulness, white peonies purity and honour, and vibrant red peonies convey deep love and respect.

Did You Know? Fun Facts About Peonies

  • Sweet Alliance: Ever noticed ants crawling on peony buds? They're attracted to the sugary nectar peonies produce before blooming. This relationship benefits both; the ants gain a tasty treat, and some protection from other insects is provided to the peony.
  • Colour-Changing Blooms: Certain peony varieties subtly change shades as they bloom, adding to their mystique. A bud that starts coral pink might open to a soft blush, deepening over time.
  • Peonies in Your Garden: With their lush blooms and delightful fragrance, peonies are a beloved addition to gardens across the UK, adding a touch of timeless elegance wherever they grow.

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