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Daffodil Care: Enhance the Beauty of Your Bouquets 

Daffodils, those quintessential harbingers of spring, infuse any space with a burst of sunshine and cheer. Whether adorning your table in a vase or brightening a garden border, their beauty is undeniable. Here's a guide from KS Flowers for maximising the lifespan of your daffodils, so their joyful presence graces your home for as long as possible. 

Choosing the Freshest Daffodils 

Selecting the best daffodils is the first step in your care journey. Look for:
  • Tight Buds: Choose daffodils with firm, mostly closed buds just starting to show their vibrant yellow or white colour.
  • Sturdy Stems: Opt for blooms with strong stems that stand upright, ensuring your daffodils will remain perky and prevent drooping.
  • Vibrant Foliage: Healthy daffodils boast long, green leaves free from yellowing or wilting.
Pro Tip: Trust a seasoned florist like those at KS Flowers for the freshest daffodils, professionally handled to ensure optimal quality.

Daffodil Care at Home 

  • Clean Vase: Prevent bacteria growth by thoroughly washing your vase with warm, soapy water.
  • Fresh Cut: Give the stems a diagonal trim, removing about an inch off the bottom to help them drink freely.
  • Proper Hydration: Fill your vase with cool, clean water.
  • Flower Food: Treat your daffodils to flower food, extending their vase life and providing nourishment.
  • Ideal Placement: Choose a location out of direct sunlight, avoiding drafts and heat sources. Daffodils flourish in a cooler spot.
Special Note: Unlike other flowers, it's best to arrange daffodils solo. Their sap can negatively impact other blooms in a mixed bouquet.

Additional Tips for Daffodils 

  • Regular Water Changes: Replace the water in your vase every few days to maintain freshness.
  • Retrim Stems: Occasionally re-cut the stems at a slight angle to optimise water intake.

Enjoying Your Beautiful Daffodils! 

With a little care, these cheerful blooms can bring their sunny disposition to your home for up to a week or more! 

Delivery Options for Your Perfect Bouquet

Whether you're in the Northampton area or across the UK, KS Flowers has you covered. We offer local Northampton delivery to ensure your chrysanthemums arrive at their freshest. Need your bouquet shipped nationwide? We provide reliable and careful delivery options across the country.

The KS Flowers Difference

At KS Flowers, we're passionate about bringing the beauty and optimism of chrysanthemums into your life. Our experienced florists hand-select the freshest blooms and expertly craft them into stunning bouquets. We pride ourselves on personalized service, attention to detail, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

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History of Daffodils 

  • Welsh Emblem: Daffodils are the national flower of Wales, often worn on St. David's Day (March 1st).
  • Symbol of New Beginnings: Their association with springtime makes daffodils represent hope, rebirth, and resilience.
  • Victorian Meanings: In the language of flowers, daffodils symbolised regard and unrequited love.
  • Modern Symbolism: Today, daffodils are typically connected to causes like cancer awareness, signifying strength and support.

Did You Know? Daffodil Fun Facts 

  • Unexpected Toxicity: All parts of the daffodil contain toxins, so keep them away from pets and children.
  • Long-lasting Blooms: Daffodils are known for their impressive vase life compared to some other spring flowers.
  • Diverse Varieties: With trumpet-shaped, split-cup, and double-flowered forms, there's a daffodil to suit every taste.
  • "Lent Lily": Daffodils are sometimes nicknamed "Lent lilies" as they often bloom around the Christian season of Lent.

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