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Astilbe Care: Enhance the Beauty of Your Bouquets 

Beloved for their feathery blooms and vibrant colours, Astilbes are a delightful addition to any bouquet. If you're lucky enough to have these beauties in a floral arrangement, here's a guide designed to help them last and thrive. 

Caring for Your Cut Astilbes 

  • Clean Vase is Key: Start with a meticulously clean vase to discourage bacteria.
  • Fresh Cut: Give the stems a fresh cut at a 45-degree angle. This increases their water uptake surface area.
  • Hydration Boost: Submerge the stems in lukewarm water for about an hour before arranging.
  • Ideal Water: Use room temperature water, and change it every other day.
  • Flower Food: You can add commercial flower food for extra nourishment.
  • Placement Matters: Keep your vase away from direct sunlight, heat sources, and fruit bowls (the ethylene from fruit hastens wilting).

History of Astilbes 

These charming perennials hail from East Asia and North America. Their name comes from the Greek words "a" (without) and "stilbe" (brightness), referring to some species having dull-coloured flowers. Over time, hybridization has given us the stunningly vibrant varieties we love today. 

Fun Fact 

Did you know Astilbes are a symbol of hope and patience? They're also frequently used in bridal bouquets, adding a touch of whimsical romance. 

Enjoy Your Beautiful Astilbes!

With proper care, your gladiolus bouquet can bring vibrancy and a touch of drama into your home for a week or sometimes even longer. Their gradual opening provides a delightful visual transformation!

Delivery Options for Your Perfect Bouquet

Whether you're in the Northampton area or across the UK, KS Flowers has you covered. We offer local Northampton delivery to ensure your chrysanthemums arrive at their freshest. Need your bouquet shipped nationwide? We provide reliable and careful delivery options across the country.

The KS Flowers Difference

At KS Flowers, we're passionate about bringing the beauty and optimism of chrysanthemums into your life. Our experienced florists hand-select the freshest blooms and expertly craft them into stunning bouquets. We pride ourselves on personalized service, attention to detail, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

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