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Rose Care: Keep Your Bouquets Beautiful for Longer

Roses, with their captivating beauty and timeless elegance, symbolize love, romance, and heartfelt emotions. Their presence in a bouquet instantly elevates the occasion. Here's a guide from KS Flowers on maximizing the lifespan of your rose bouquets, ensuring they remain a visual delight for as long as possible.

Choosing the Freshest Roses

Your rose care journey starts with selecting a fresh and vibrant bouquet. Look for:

  1. Turgid Flowers: Choose roses with firm, unblemished petals that show no signs of wilting or browning.
  2. Vibrant Colour: Opt for roses with rich, saturated colours. Avoid any with faded or discoloured petals.
  3. Healthy Stems: Look for stems that are sturdy, green, and free of damage or bruising.
Pro Tip: Always choose your roses from a reputable florist like KS Flowers, where the flowers receive expert handling for optimal freshness.

Rose Care at Home

  1. Clean Vase: Thoroughly wash your vase with warm, soapy water to eliminate bacteria that can shorten flower lifespan.
  2. Fresh Cut: Trim the stems at a 45-degree angle, removing about an inch off the bottom. This maximizes water absorption.
  3. Hydration is Key: Fill your vase with cool, clean water. Roses are thirsty, so top up the water frequently.
  4. Flower Food: Add flower food to the water to provide essential nutrients and help your roses last longer.
  5. Cool Location: Keep your rose bouquet away from direct sunlight, drafts, and heat sources. They prefer a cool, slightly shaded spot.
  6. Rehydrate Flower Heads: Gently mist the rose blooms with water daily for added freshness. Occasionally submerge the entire flower heads in a bowl of cool water for about 20–30 minutes.

Additional Tips for Long-Lasting Roses

  1. Change the Water Regularly: Replace the vase water every couple of days to prevent bacteria build-up.
  2. Recur the Stems: Every time when replacing water, re-trim the stems at an angle to maintain optimal water uptake.
  3. Remove Thorns & Lower Leaves: Thorns can injure petals, and submerged leaves can promote decay. Gently remove them.

Enjoy Your Beautiful Roses!

With proper care, your rose bouquet can bring joy, elegance, and a touch of romance to your home for up to a week or even longer!

Delivery Options for Your Perfect Bouquet

Whether you're celebrating a special occasion in Northampton or sending a gesture of love across the UK, KS Flowers has you covered. We offer local Northampton delivery for the ultimate in rose freshness. Need your bouquet shipped nationwide? We provide reliable and careful delivery options across the country.

The KS Flowers Difference

At KS Flowers, we're passionate about bringing the beauty and symbolism of roses into your life. Our experienced florists hand-select the freshest blooms and expertly craft them into stunning bouquets, perfect for expressing both classic romance and modern sentiments. We pride ourselves on personalized service, attention to detail, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

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The History of Roses

  • Ancient Beginnings: Roses have an incredibly long history, predating even hydrangeas. Fossil evidence suggests they existed over 35 million years ago!
  • Cultivation & Symbolism: Ancient civilizations in China, Greece, Rome, and Persia all cultivated roses. Roses quickly became intertwined with symbolism, representing love, beauty, secrecy, and even war.
  • Roses in Art & Literature: Roses have graced paintings, sculptures, and poetry for centuries. Their symbolic meanings deepen their impact within these works.
  • European Roses: Many classic roses we know today originated from European breeding programs in the 18th and 19th centuries. These focused on repeat blooming, fragrance, and colour variations.
  • Modern Roses: Today, rose breeding is a global endeavour. We have an incredible array of roses, from classic forms to unusual colour combinations and long-lasting varieties.

Did You Know? Fun Facts About Roses

  • A Rose by Any Other Name... The "rose" fragrance we know isn't always rosy! It's a complex blend of many scent compounds, with some roses smelling fruity, spicy, or even musky.
  • A Prickly Defence: Rose thorns, technically called prickles, are an evolutionary defence mechanism that deters nibbling animals.
  • Edible Flowers: Roses are edible! Their petals can be used in jams, teas, and as a garnish, adding a delicate floral note.
  • The World's Oldest Rose: A rose bush in Germany, believed to be over 1000 years old, still blooms on the wall of the Hildesheim Cathedral.
  • National Flower: The rose is the national flower of the United States and the emblem of England.

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